Finance of Strategic Decisions

An Overview of the Financial System- Saving and Investment, Money, Inflation & Interest, Banking and Non Banking Financial Intermediaries.
Financial institutions and economic development: nature and role of financial system: financial system and financial markets, efficiency, stability, technology, government intervention in the financial system.
Financial Markets and Instruments- Money market and Capital Markets, Financial Instruments: REPO, TBs, Equities, Bonds, Derivatives etc. Characteristics of Financial Instruments: Liquidity, Maturity, Safety & Yield.
Concept of strategic decisions-changing global economic environment. Valuation of strategic options- merger and acquisition. Pricing & Planning, Strategy, Diversification & Merger-The Indian Cases. Strategic decisions regarding financial services-Valuation of exchange rate mechanism, strategic decisions regarding securitization factoring and forfeiting, value creation and value based financial strategy.
Analysis of enterprise– concept of valuation EVA, MVA, enterprise value. Analysis of corporate financial models.