Human Resource Planning

Introduction: definition and concept of HRP, benefits, process, HRP components. HR
HR planning and corporate strategies: HR planning as a strategic process-employees as resources-goal attainment, linking HR process to strategy, involvement in strategic planning process, strategic HR Planning model, staffing system.
Job analysis: meaning and definition, job analysis process, techniques of job analysis, methods and practice of job analysis, competency based approach.
HR Forecasting: Forecasting Manpower Needs, the Forecasting Process, Inventorying available talent, Projecting Future Talent Supply, forecasting Staffing Requirements. Index analysis-expert forecasts-delphi technique-nominal group technique-HR budget and staffing table, scenario forecasting and regression analysis.
Career planning and succession management: definitions, concepts, stages of career development process and organizational HR Policies, carrier Anchors – Stages of growth and career, career processes Succession management process and Management development programmes, objectives of MDP‘s, Job rotation, Auditing MDP‘s management development methods, challenges of succession management, Replacement analysis.