Operating System Fundamentals

Necessity of an Operating system; Operating System Terminology, Evolution of Operating Systems (Multiprogramming Systems, Batch Systems, Timesharing System, Process Control and Real-Time System). Factors in OS Design (Performance, Protection and Security; Correctness, Maintainability, Application Integration, Portability and Interoperability). Device Management : General Device Characteristics, I/O Programming Concepts, Device Controllers, Device Drivers, Interrupts Driven I/O System …

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Object Oriented Programming (Java and Visual Basic)

Object Oriented Programming through Java Constants, Variables, Data Types, Arithmetic Operations, Relational Operators, Logical Operators, Assignment Operators, Increment and Decrement Operator, Conditional Operator, Bit-wise Operator, Arithmetic Expression, Type Conversion in Expressions, Mathematical Functions, Decision Control Structure, Loop Control Structure, Classes, Objects and Methods, Boolean Methods, Void Methods, Overloading, Nesting of Methods, Constructors, Class Invariants, Composition, …

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Database Management System

Data and Information [Basic Concepts, Problems of Early Information Systems, Advantages of a DBMS] Database Architectures [Three Levels of the Architecture : External, Conceptual and Internal Level], Centralized and Distributed Database Models : Hierarchical [Concepts of a Hierarchy, IMS Hierarchy] Relational [Concepts of Relational Model, Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus] Network [Concepts of a Network, DBTG …

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