Centralization and decentralization of authority

This Lecture is presented by Dr.Nandini Sharma , Asst. Prof. Biyani girls colleges. Where in today’s life authority should be centralized and where should be decentralized and explained importance of centralization and decentralization of authority with important features and merits and demerits of centralization and decentralization of authority

Types of Advertisement

In this video Mrs. Pratibha Bohra, Assistant Professor, Biyani Girls College explains about types of Advertisement. There are many types of advertisement and can be classified on seven bases as given in this video.

What is Product Life Cycle? (Marketing) GuruKpo

Ms. Sakshi Arora,Assistant Professor , Biyani Girls College , explains PLC is a concept that seeks to describe a product’s sales, competitors, profits, customers and marketing emphasis from its beginning until it is removed from the market . PLC has 4 stages: Introduction,Growth,Maturity and Decline. The length of a particular stage may be long or …

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Marketing Management (BBA & MBA) Gurukpo

Dr. Sakshi Arora, Assistant Professor, Biyani Groups of colleges, Jaipur explains about Marketing management. It is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the marketing programmes to achieve marketing goals. It also focuses on market where seller and buyer meet together and enter into transaction. It performs all managerial functions in the field of marketing. …

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