Net Frame work and Programming in ASP.NET

Introduction to .NET Framework : Genesis of .Net – Features of .Net – .Net binaries – Microsoft Intermediate Language – Meta Data – .Net types and .net name spaces – CommonLanguage Runtime – Common Type System – Common Language Specification – .Net Applications using command line compiler and visual studio .net IDE. Basics of ASP. …

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Introduction, Definition, Objectives, Advantages and disadvantages, Forces driving E-Commerce, Traditional commerce Vs. E-Commerce, E-Commerce opportunities for Industries, Growth of E-Commerce. E-Commerce Models: Business to consumer, Business to Business, Consumer to Consumer, other models – Brokerage Model, Aggregator Model, Info-mediary Model, Community Model and value chain Model. Electronic Payment Systems: Special features required in payment systems, …

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Artificial Language

Chapter 1 :Problem solving & Search techniques Concept of intelligence, Artificial intelligence, definition turning test, areas of application.Search techniques, state space, Production rules, problem characteristics, production systemcharacteristic, depth first, breadth first search methods and their analysis, Heuristic searchmethod, generate and test, hill climbing, best first method, graph search, AND OR search methods, constraint satisfaction, backtracking. …

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