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November 5, 2019

MBA Third Sem Model Papers

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Faculty: Management

2019 Sample Papers with Solution

Sr. No.  Paper Name  Question Paper Link  Solution Link
1  International Financial Management  Click Here  Click Here
2.  Leadership Skills & Change Management  Click Here  Click Here
3.  Management of Financial Services  Click Here  Click Here
4.  Product & Brand Management Click Here  Click Here
5.  SAPM  Click Here  Click Here
6.  Sales Distribution & Logistics Management  Click Here  Click Here
7. Training & Development  Click Here  Click Here
8.  BPSM  Click Here  Click Here
9.  HRP  Click Here  Click Here
10.  IMC  Click Here  Click Here
11.  Business Environment   Click Here   Click Here

MBA First Sem Model Papers

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Faculty: Management

2019 Sample Papers with Solutions


Sr. No.  Paper Name  Question Paper Link  Solution Link
1  Accounting for Management  Click Here  Click Here
2.  Business Environment  Click Here  Click Here
3.  Fundamental of Management  Click Here  Click Here
4.  IT for Managers  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Managerial Economics  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Communication for Management  Click Here  Click Here

B.Com Third Year Model Papers

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Faculty: Commerce

2019 Sample Papers with Solutions

Sr. No.  Paper Name  Question Paper Link  Solution Link
1  Advertisement & Sales Promotion  Click Here  Click Here
2.  Audit  Click Here  Click Here
3.  Business Budgeting  Click Here  Click Here
4.  Functional Management  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Management Accounting  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Operation Research & Q.T  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Rural Development & Cooperation  Click Here  Click Here

B.Com Second Year Model Papers

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Faculty: Commerce

2019 Sample Papers with Solutions


Sr. No.  Paper Name  Question Paper Link  Solution Link
1  Cost Accounting Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
1  Cost Accounting Set-B  Click Here  Click Here
2.  Direct Tax Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
3.  Economic Environment of Rajasthan Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
4.  Financial Management Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Income Tax Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Management Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
6.  Company Law & Practices   Click Here   Click Here

B.Com First Year Model Papers

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Faculty: Commerce

2019 Sample Papers with Solutions

Sr. No.  Paper Name  Question Paper Link  Solution Link
1  Advanced Business Statistics & Mathematics Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
2.  Business Economics Set-B  Click Here  Click Here
3.  Corporate Accounting Set-B  Click Here  Click Here
4.  Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management Set-A  Click Here  Click Here
5.  Indian Banking and Finance  Click Here  Click Here
6.  Business Law   Click Here   Click Here

April 2, 2018

How to crack JEE mains easily.

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JEE MAINS 2014 is coming! Giving goose bumps to students with little time left for preparation.  More than 10 lakh students across the country are expected to sit for the exam. Until 2012, out of approximately 5 lakh students who appeared for the exam, only 10,000 were given ranks. Since then, around 13 lakh students have appeared for JEE Main and  the top 10,000 were given ranks.

Above statistics are frightening and you really need to gear up if you want to make to JEE Advanced. Follow some tips and tricks to crack JEE MAINS and follow your JEE Dream!!

1. Work on basics:

Thoroughly revise all the chapters and clarify all doubts and queries before proceeding to the next topic. Get a good self-test package from and use it for continous analysis on each topic you study. It will help in developing your concepts in totality.

2. Study regulary and completely:

While studying, do not leave any line as when it comes, anything can come in your exam. Study completely with 100% understanding of a topic and retaled concepts.

Consistent study is the key. You must attempt regular mock tests (now-a-days it is always good to join a good Online test series/ computer based test series) and follow a specific study timetable. Have constructive discussions with your friends.

3. Keep all necessary exam resources handy:

Common exam resources include a proper guidance, necessary subject textbooks, a comprehensive Test Series, Online or computer based test series and a time bound, regular study schedule. You will also require a mentor/ guide in your preparations who can withstand doubts and show you sharp line of action.

4. Speed and accuracy:

IIT-JEE Main 2014 is expected to be lengthy. But it is easy to manage that if you have already a great amount of practice. For this, you need to attempt several mock papers to increase your speed and accuracy. Once you are through with hundreds of practice papers before the actual exam, managing speed as well as accuracy will not be a problem till you know the concepts. You can get a  ONLINE Test series at a very reasonable price from various websites like, etc. They provide useful content especially targeted for Online Entrance Exams.

5. At last –  Eat properly, and do not skip sleep:

Less sleep brings stress, stress lowers performance. Similarly if the meals are not proper, brain will not get its vital requirements and tend to reduce performance. Follow a planned diet and balanced sleep – it will help you to perform at par and give 100% in your preparations as well as studies.

– Ankit Dugar, Director – Practice Guru

February 2, 2018

Preparing for Online CAT/CMAT/MBA Entrance Exam?

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Common Admission Test, abbv. as CAT. Conducted by IIMs, it is one of the most prestigious and difficult entrance exams conducted in INDIA. Also, now it is conducted in ONLINE mode. Do we need to practice Online before we appear for CAT? Most of the students have a notion that they are well averse of computers and thus can easily appear online, while during preparations they prefer the traditional paper pen mode.

When you appear for a test online, there are certain dynamics which change, such as:

Certainly, you need a thorough practice for above changes and also to combat issue like:

If you still think, the paper pen practice will give you enough confidence, god may help you! Another questions is that are there any good websites helping students to actually prepare well and that too at a LOW COST? I found one site – pretty useful, organized and neat while searching for such tests. Writing here to spread a word about the site. Practice Guru offers Online tests as well as CDs for similar practice in offline mode. Complete CAT practice package comes around Rs. 400 – 700 only! You can chat with their counsellors and get latest offers on products and also gather more information on the same.

Much better than un-organized free tests available randomly on google, saves a lot of time in searching internet for relevant test series. You can also ask them for some free tests and they provide it happily!

Wishing luck to all aspirants!

July 29, 2016

Current GK Quiz No. – 2

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[raw][WpProQuiz 2][/raw]

Current GK Quiz No. – 1

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[raw][WpProQuiz 1][/raw]

November 19, 2015

Characteristics of Evaluation by Ms. Arti Gupta, Assistant Professor, Biyani Girls College


In this video Ms. Arti Gupta, Assistant Professor, Biyani Girls College, Jaipur, explains about characteristics of evaluation. In this video Ms. Arti Gupta explain about the characteristics of evaluation.,

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