Centralization and decentralization of authority

This Lecture is presented by Dr.Nandini Sharma , Asst. Prof. Biyani girls colleges. Where in today’s life authority should be centralized and where should be decentralized and explained importance of centralization and decentralization of authority with important features and merits and demerits of centralization and decentralization of authority

Regulatory Environment and RBI lecture

This is a part of lecture presented by Divya jangid ,Asst.proffesor of biyani girls college.The video is about Regulatory environment and RBI regulatory environment denotes necessity of regulations for banking, banking regulation controls the credit policy and RBI functions as central bank and controls all banks.RBi prepare regulations regarding banks.

Difference between forward and future

In this Video, Ms.Varsha Sharma, Asst. Professor, Biyani Institute of Sceince & Management . The video is about difference between Foward & Future. There are following basis for the difference between foward and future (1) ContractSize (2)Location (3)Settlement, (4)liquidation, (5)credit risk (6)margin (7)maturity (8) Counterparty (9) Market Place.