Plant Tissue Culture

Historical background and terminology used in cell & tissue culture. Basic techniques of cell and tissue culture, surface sterilization, aseptic tissue transfer, concept of totipotency. Nutritional requirement of cell in vitro, various types of nutrient media Someatic embryogenesis and organogenesis in plant . Variability in tissue cultures, somaclonal and other variations. Isolation of cells, single …

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Plant Biotechnology

Section A 1. Tools of plant biotechnology: Inducible gene expression systems as tools for plant functional genomics, Somatic embryogenesis system and artificial seed production. 2. Plant genetic transformation: Methods and emerging trends. Screening procedures. Micropropagation- Seed versus soma, use of micropropagation in multiplicaotn of specific genotypes, hardening of micropropagated plants & their transfer to soil. …

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Medical Biotechnology

Section -A General Introduction to Biomedical Engineering. Application of Engineering in medicine, Electrical Potentials in the human body. Neuromuscular system: neurons, synapases and muscles, electrical properties of nerves and muscles, problems and diagnostics. Cardiovascular system : anatomy & physiology of heart, ECG and the cardiac cycle, problems and solulations to electrical problems in the heart, …

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Genome Analysis

Section-A Basic structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome. Chromatin model, concept of gene, linkage and crossing over, linkage analysis in Drosophilla and Neurospora. Section-B Pedigree analysis in human genetic mapping and its tools, genetic mapping of complex character. Multigene families in human genome and repetitive DNA C-Value paradox and complexity of genome. Section-C Physical map …

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Fundamentals of Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology

Section-A 1. Introduction to Bioinformatics 2. Aspects of Bioinformatics 3. Role of Bioinformatics in Biotechnology 4. Applications of Bioinformatics Section-B 5. Introduction to Nanotechnology 6. Carbon Nanostructures 7. Properties of Nanoparticles Section-C 8. Biological Materials in Nanotechnology 9. Nanomachines and Devices 10. Advanced Nanotechnology Section-D 11. Medical Nanotechnology 12. Bio Nanotechnology 13. Nanotechnology and Society