System Design Concept(THINK-TANK)

System Design Concept(Think-Tank)

Unit – I Introduction to Systems Design Environment: Systems Development Approaches-Function Oriented. Data Oriented, Object Oriented, Development Process, Methodologies, Tools, Modeling Methods, Processing Types and Systems, Batch Processing, Realtime Processing. System Development Life Cycle, Linear or Waterfall Cycle, Linear cycle phase problem definition, system specification, system design, system development, testing, maintenance Problems with Linear Life …

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Management Information Systems

Section A : Introduction to System and Basic System Concepts, Types of Systems, The Systems Approach, Information System : Definition & Characteristics, Types of Information, Role of Information in Decision-Making, Sub-Systems of an Information System : EDP and MIS Management Levels, EDP/MIS/DSS Section B : An Overview of Management Information System : Definition & Characteristics, …

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