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Geology is the study of the material that constitutes the earth, the physical forces that act on the earth and the biology of its past inhabitants as revealed by fossils.
A geologist is someone who studies the earth’s composition, mainly the different kinds of rock formations. It also involves the study of organisms that inhabited it. The science deals with the analysis of the Earth and its origin, history, and minerals.
Geologists play an extremely important role in exploring and discovering natural resources and the mineral wealth of the earth. The main functions of a geologist entail observing natural calamities and their various effects on the environment, and to explore mineral, oil and natural gas fields and underwater resources.
Furthermore, some geologists also search for deep-sea natural resources. Geologists can determine the quality of soil by conduction geo-chemical and geo-physical tests. Bases on reports made by the, construction of roads, reservoirs underground tunnels and bridges can be undertaken.
Geologists use theoretical knowledge of various disciplines of geo-sciences to locate groundwater, oil minerals and other natural resources. Geologists play an important part in the study, preservation and cleaning up the environment. They advise construction firms and the government on construction sites, highway planning, and also work in the planning of geological reports, maps and diagrams.
On the whole, pursuing a hi3 in geology is an awe-inspiring and satisfying experience and is gaining a lot of popularity. Not only is this field fascinating, these days it also pays very well. If you are interested in the environment, the processes and the structure of the earth, its evolution, and the organisms that live within it, geology as a field world is an ideal choice for you.

Nature of Work
There are several different kinds of geologists. Depending on their area of specialization, their nature of work differs. Mineralogists, for example, study rocks, minerals, and precious stones. They classify them according to their composition and structure. Paleontologists work with biologists to determine what the world was like in prehistoric times. They study fossils and layers of rock. Engineering geologists help to determine where to construct dams, lay pipelines, and build roads. Some geologists also study ecology to incorporate protection of the environment in their work.
Other geologists may work with geophysicists to predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Environmental geologist works in the areas of pollution control, urban management and waste management and is an expert in the interactions between humans and the environment. Economic Geologists are involved with the exploration for and development of metallic and non-metallic natural resources, such as ore, natural gas and petroleum oil. Petroleum geologists focus on the exploration of oil and natural gas sources and are hired as petroleum consultants for drilling companies and oil industry service providers. Mining geologists specialize in the exploration of ore and coal with mining engineering firms and mining companies.
Hydro geologist study abundance, distribution, quality of ground water. They identify threats to water pollution, provide advice for the setting and construction of reservoirs. Stratigraphers study the distribution and arrangement of sedimentary rock layers by examining their fossil and mineral content. Marine geologists study the ocean floor through remote sensing devices aboard ships or sometimes from underwater research vessels. Geomorphologists study the form of the earth’s surface and processes, such as erosion and glaciations that brings about changes. Planetary Geologists study moon and other planets to understand evolution of solar system.

Personal Attributes
To be a geologist, you need to have a concern for the global environment and climate changes that are a result of it. You need the ability to visualize, have good scientific/technical skills, be audacious as an explorer, be physically fit, be able to interpret statistical and graphical information, have attention to detail, have good report-writing skills and enjoy the outdoors as well as travelling.

Employment Opportunities
Mining companies are the main employers of geologists and geotechnologists. Other employers are oil and gas exploration companies, consulting companies and civil engineering firms, job opportunities also exist at semi-government institutions such as the Council for Geosciences, Department of Water Affairs, Coal India, Mineral Exploration Authority, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation, Hindustan Zinc and other private industries museums, colleges and universities also extensively use geologists. Most jobs are a result of the growing number of environmental laws and regulations. Engineering geologists are usually hired by civil engineering firms, highway departments and urban planning departments. The Defence and Para-military forces utilize the services of Geologists. Environmental geologists are hired by various municipal agencies, from the federal Environmental Protection Agency down to town planning agencies and public utilities.
How to Enter
After 10+2 with science a student can do an Undergraduate programme in Geology.

Course Eligibility Duration
B.Sc Geology 10+2 with Science 3 Years

List of some Institutions

Name Address Website
Delhi University Delhi-110007 www.du.ac.in
Banaras Hindu University Varansi-221 005 www.bbu.ac.in
Bangalore University Jnana Bharathi Campus, Mutharayana Nagar, Nengaluru www.bub.ernet.in
Aligarh Muslim University Faculty of & Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh www.amu.ac.in
Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda Shayajigunj, Pratagunj, Vadodara, Gujarat www.msubaroda.ac.in
University of Kerala Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala India www.keralauniversity.ac.in
Dr.Harisingh Gour University Sagar-470 003 MP India www.sagaruniversity.nic.in
University of Rajasthan JLN Marg, Jaipur-3020 005 www.uniraj.ac.in
Bharathidasan University NH-210, Tiruchippalli, Tamil Nadu www.bdu.ac.in
H.N.B. Garhwal University Dist. Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand India-246174 http://hnbgn.ac.in
Pt.Ravishankar Shukla Amanaka G.E. Road, Raipur (Chhatisgarh) www.prsu.ac.in

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