Corporate Accounting

Section-A 1. Accounting principles, Conventions and concepts. 2. Accounting Standards : Procedure of framing Accounting Standards and their relevance in Accounting. AS-1, AS-9, AS-14 and AS-20. 3. Issue of Shares & Debentures, Forfeiture of shares, reissue of forfeited shares, right shares. 4. Redemption of preference shares and debentures. Section-B 5. Business Purchase and Underwriting, Profit …

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Business Statistics

SECTION-A 1. Introduction of Statistics : Growth of Statistics, Definition, Scope, Uses, Misuses and Limitation of Statistics, Collection of Primary & Secondary Data, Approximation and Accuracy, Statistical Errors. 2. Classification and Tabulation of Data : Meaning and Characteristics, Frequency Distribution, Simple and Manifold Tabulation. 3. Measuring of Central Tendency : Arithmetic Mean (Simple and Weighted), …

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Business Economics

Introduction Theory of Demand Demand Forecasting Theory of Consumer’s Behavior Supply Analysis Meaning of Production : Factors of Production Production Function in Short-run and Long-run Cost Analysis Market : Meaning Type, Price & Output Determination Marginal Physical Productivity Theory of Rent Wages Interest Profit National Income Business Cycle Theory of Employment Growth Vs. Development : …

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