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“Job prospects soar in aviation Industry”
It is glamorous, it is alluring, and it is fantastic. It’s the one hi3 that takes you to the skies, literally and otherwise too. It makes you feel on the top on the world. And why not with ‘Airlines’ you are on top of the world. Flying by air is an amazing experience.
Liberalization of the India Aviation industry, the subsequent expansion of the domestic fleet and the energy of new players seems to have propelled a range of hi3 opportunities for the youth in the aviation sector. In today’s fast developing technological world with growing industrialization, aviation holds a prominent place both as an industrial sector and as a hi3 stream for young and aspirants looking forward to a bright future.
The life may sound glamorous, but it is equal amounts of hard work and dedication too. Besides getting a solid grounding and good foundation, you also need to have a set of soft skills. You need to be approachable, open to learning and you must be willing to put on a sunny exterior every time you are at work. The job is very well paying and today with a number of private airlines as well, the opportunities are tremendous.
Aviation refers to all activities involving the operation of aircrafts. This includes Flying Operations. Aircrew(such as Air Hostesses/Stewards). Aircraft maintenance, Air Traffic Management, Technical aspects of Flight, Aviation Safety, Regulatory Policies and Ground duties at the airport. All aviation courses in India are supposed to comply with the rules laid down by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGC).

Nature of work
Two important components of the aviation industry are Civil or Commercial Aviation, and the Military Aviation. The Ministry of Civil Aviation performs the task of formulating national policies and programmes for development and regulation of civil aviation.
The Military Aviation is comprised of the Indian Air Force and the aviation wings of the Indian Air Force, Indian Army, Indian Navy, the Paramilitary forces (e.g. Border Security Force) and the Indian Coast Guard.
To read more about Military Aviation, please refer to Careers in Defence forces There are 3 key departments in the commercial aviation departments, the Operational department which is concerned with all aspects of flying, the engineering department which is concerned with maintenance and technical aspects of the aircraft, and the commercial which deals with functions like providing attractive facilities for the comfort of passengers, ticketing, fixing up fare, catering, etc. Depending on the department that one is working in, the nature of work and responsibilities handled vary a lot. Some of the job profiles are given below.

Area Nature of Work
Pilots The airline pilots are the ones who are responsible for flying scheduled or chartered flights and transport the passengers as well as the cargo from the source to the destination safely.
Flight Attendants Airhostess/Stewards Flight attendants i.e., stewards/air hostesses are members of an aircrew employed by airlines primarily to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers aboard commercial flights, on select business jet aircraft, and on some military aircraft.
Aeronautical Aerospace Engineers Aeronautical Engineers specialize in the designing, construction, development, testing operation and maintenance of both commercial and military aircrafts. Aerospace engineers work in designing, research and construction of space craft’s.
Airlines Ground duty Staff These members receive, guide and help passengers through immigration, customs, security, clearance etc., both, at the entry point before boarding the flight and at the exit point at the end of their journey.
Air Traffic Controller Air Traffic Controllers operate the air traffic control system to expedite and maintain safe and orderly flow of air traffic and help prevent mid-traffic collisions. They keep in touch with the pilots through a 2 way communication channel throughout the flight.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers They are responsible for keeping the aircrafts in perfect flying condition to ensure snag free functioning. They carry out inspections and repairs and other regular maintenance work.
Airline Ticketing The job includes reservation and booking of flight tickets for the customers. They also help passengers in planning and organizing their flight schedules.

Personal Attributes
Depending on the area of work, personal attributes and skills required differ. For instance, air hostesses and flight stewards need to have a hospitable and pleasant personality. Technical staff and for almost all jobs in the aviation sector, one must be able to work at different times of the day. One may have to work night shifts and sometimes may have to spend more than 24 hours without sleeping. Pilots, cabin crew and air traffic controllers also need to have a high level of concentration and focus as there is a lot of minute observation and immediate response required in such technical posts. These are also positions of great responsibility as the lives of the passengers depend on the proper functioning of the air plane which is ensured by the minute and thorough work of those involved in such work.

Employment Opportunities
With the liberalization and privatization of airports, there is an unprecedented demand for manpower professional trained in aviation. Some of the key players in the field of commercial aviation in India include Sahara India, Indian Airlines, Kingfisher Airlines, Go Airways, Indigo Airlines SRC Aviation, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, Bird Group, Trans Asian Aviation, Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Limited etc. With the extremely lucrative nature of these jobs, the prospects for a hi3 in the aviation industry are extremely bright.

Flying Air Line Operations/Commercial Pilots
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The commercial pilot is the person who actually files the aircraft. The aircraft remains under the control and c command of a group of pilots led by the captain for the period between the point of time it takes off and the point of time when it touches down. He is responsible for flying passengers or cargo or both from one place to another. He also plans flights, timings and refueling schedules, takes safeguards against all eventualities such as adverse weather, loss of contact with air traffic control, sudden mechanical snags etc.
Personal Attributes
There are certain attributes to be a pilot. First of all, one should not be afraid of heights and should have a passion to fly machines. One should possess a good coordination of mind and limbs. The ability to remain calm under any circumstance and apply theoretical knowledge into practice while flying is very important. A pilot has to be a quick thinker as he is the one who is responsible for the lives of many. A lot of hard work stamina, adaptability to flow difficult time schedules, good team spirit etc., are also required in an aspirant. Most importantly, one must have emotional stability in crisis situations.
Employment Opportunities
The type of license and the amount of experience have much to do with employment prospects. Commercial pilots are employed by national airlines like Indian Airlines or Air India and by private airlines as well as by foreign airlines. With the Asia Pacific region emerging as the pivot of the world, the aviation industry in India is poised for takeoff.
The number of aircrafts in India has increased tremendously with the introduction of low-cost airlines and there will be continuous requirement of trained pilots. Besides passenger’s flights, pilots are also employed by Cargo and Freight airlines. The other hi3 avenue is to become a Certified Flight instructor with aviation schools and institutes.
How to enter
The job of a pilot is very challenging as well as rewarding. There are three licenses, which you have to acquire to become a pilot-Student’s Pilot License (SPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) or the Hobby License and Commercial Pilot License (CPL).
STUDENT PILOT License (SPL) is the first stage of training and enables you to fly as a student till you get your CPL. The student has to clear an objective written examination, which tests basic mathematics knowledge of the aircraft, engines and aerodynamics. It’s a 100 marks paper, pass mark is 75. A manual providing sample questions and answers to give an idea about the nature of the questions expected in the examinations is issued by the flying clubs. The SPL examination is held every month all over India by the flying clubs.
In addition, the Director – General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) conducts an examination and issues license for Assistant Flight Radio Telephone Operators (AFR – TO). There is no age limit to acquire a SPL.
PRIVATE PILOT License (PPL) is the license which allows a student to fly a private aircraft without any kind of remuneration. This involves practical training.
Eligibility: The candidate should have passed 10+2 or an equivalent exam with Physics and Maths from a recognized board. He/she should not be less than 17 years of age. Flying requirements – comprises 60 hours of flying (40 hours with flying instructor & 20 hours solo) after rigorous training under the flying instructor.
Along with flying (practical) training, you also have to complete a theory curriculum and clear a written examination in Air Regulations, Air navigation, Aviation Meteorology and Aircraft and engines as per the prescribed syllabus by Director General. This examination tests the student’s knowledge about air craft engines, air navigation, aviation meteorology and seamanship. This examination is conducted by the DGCA. The course generally takes two years to complete and is dependent on the availability of a flying instructor and the weather conditions.
COMMERCIAL PILOT License (CPL) Flying requirements include not less than a minimum of 250 hours of flying of this; 150 hours have to be solo flying, 25 hours of cross-country flying, 10 hours of instrument flying (which means you rely only on the plane’s instruments for flying without looking at the horizon or external assistance), and 5 hours of flying in the night.
Eligibility and other requirements: Class 12th with at least 50% marks in Physics and maths. Eligible age:18 years to 30 years. In addition, you have to clear a written examination consisting of subjects like Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Technical Planning and Communications in Radio and Wireless Transmission and Signals (practical)
Further, you have to undergo a medical fitness test conducted by team of doctors approved by the DGCA AND THE Central Medical Establishment (CME) of the Air Force Unit. The average period of training for commercial pilot is one and half year.

Course Eligibility Duration
CPL 10+2 with Maths,Physics and English with 55% marks 18 Months

Major Entrance Exam
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi
Selection Procedure : A Written Entrance Examination at various centres all India , then a Pilot Aptitude Test, followed by the final selection by an interview board comprising of representatives from Aviation industry like NACIL,DGCA,Psychologists and IGRUA examiners.
Written Examination

Course Duration Subject
CPL One Paper of 2 hr duration General English, Maths,Physics and Reasoning 10+2

List of some Institutions

Name Address Website
Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi Fursatganj Air field Raebareli UP http://igrua.gov.in
Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology TC 36/1200(1&2) Vallakkadavu PO Enchakkal, Thiruvananthapuram Kerala www.rajivgandhiacademy for avaitiontechnology.org
The Bombay Flying Club Juhu Aerodrome, juhu, Mumbai-400049,Maharashtra www.thebombayflyingclub.com
The Gujarat Flying Club Andhra Pradesh Aviation Acadmey www.gujratflyingclub.org
Government Aviation Training Institute Old Terminal Building, Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneshwar, Orisa www.flywithgati.com
The Madras Flying Club Ltd.> Gate No 6 Old Airport,Meenambakkam, Chennai-600027, Tamil Nadu www.madrasflyingclub.net
Banasthali Vidhyapith Gliding & Flying Club Banasthali University ,P.O.Banasthali Vidyapith, Dist Tonk www.bvgfc.org
Orient Flight School 40-G.S.T.Road st.Thomas mount ,Chennai-600016,Tamil Nadu www.orientflights.com
Ahmadabad Aviation & Aeronautics Ltd AAA Hangar, Old Terminal Airport www.aaa.co.in
Flight Attendants : Airhostess/Stewards
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One of the important aspects of travel by air is concerned with making the journey of the passenger comfortable and safe. Air hostess and Flight stewards play a very important role in ensuring this crucial aspect. They make a big difference in the passenger’s comfort level during the flight.
This is a very promising hi3 for many young girls and boys and offers a thrilling and exciting opportunity to travel in high skies to reach exotic places round the world, stay in best hotels and mix with the elite in society and be paid a very attractive pay package.
Liberalization of air policies has increased the private operation of air services and this has created immense job opportunities in this field. Even though this hi3 is an exciting experience, it is not as easy as it seems. This is a highly demanding job which requires a lot of patience and involves odd duty hours.

Nature of Work
Their prime responsibilities involve welcoming passengers & take care of their comforts, being responsible for the safety and care of the passengers, demonstrating emergency safety procedures, dealing with security and emergency situations, serving meals and drinks.
Taking special care of sick travelers, VIPs, babies or children or elderly people who are traveling alone are also part of the work of the flight attendants.

Personal Attributes
The candidate needs to be warm, competent and proficient having excellent communication skills. Common sense, sense of responsibility, initiative, friendly, outgoing personality,politeness, physical stamina and the capacity to work for long hours on one’s feet, ability to react quickly in times of emergency and presence of mind, and having a well-modulated pleasant voice are some of the desired qualities.
Eligibility :Age-18 and below 25 year for femals and below 26 for males.( may differ with different airlines, Height-Females-Min 5.2, Males-Min 5.7, Weight-In proportion to height. They must have normal vision, Fluency in Hindi and English, desirable to speak a third language and foreign language. They should be physically fit with a good level of stamina.
Qualification – Higher Secondary Certificate with training. Marital Status Unmaried

Employment Opportunities
With privatization and foreign collaboration increasing every day, the future is bright for an flight attendants. They can find employment with private owned domestic and international airlines. An Air Hostess has every chance to be promoted to the post of Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Flight Attendant. Carrer as an Air Hostess would last for about eight to ten years, after that she could move on to the ground duties including the job of a Ground Hostess, Check Hostesss, training of air hostess or work in the management level. Apart from excellent perks and remuneration, it is full of wonderful trips to exciting destinations.

How to Enter
Various diploma and certificate courses are offered after 10+2 that prepares the students for a hi3 in this field. A number of institutes impart focused training for a hi3 as air hostess/flight steward. There are a number of airlines that directly recruit graduate students who fulfill their eligibility criteria irrespective of the courses they have done. Selected candidates are screened, have to pass a written exam generally comprising of general knowledge, mental ability and verbal ability usually of objective type of questions. Qualified students then appear for group discussion a personal interview after which finalists are put on training for a few months regarding crucial aspects of the job.
Candidates who wish to apply for Under graduate course in Aviation should have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with any stream.

Course Eligibility Duration
Advance Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew and Hospitality 10+2 3 Years
Diploma in Air hostess and ground handling 10+2 1 Year
Diploma in Airline Cabin Crew 10+2 1 Year
Name Address Website
Kingfisher Training Academy Time Square, Western Express Highway, Andheri (E), Mumbai-400 069 www.kingfisheracademy.com
Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training Best Building ‘A’ Wing, 5th Floor, S.V. Road, Opposite Andheri Railway Station, Andheri (W) Mumbai-400 058 www.frankfinn.com
The British Air-Hostess Academy SCO 134-135-136, Sector 34A, Chandigarh-160 034 www.britishairhostessacademy.com
Flying Cats 1st Floor, GRD Towers, New-15, Old 154/1, AA Block, 3rd Avenue Anna Nagar, Chennai-600 040 www.flying-cats.com
A.R.K. Institute of Hospitality Management 105, Liberty Plaza, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad-500 029 www.arkihm.com
Kompass Aviation 441/442, IJMIMA Complex, Interface, Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai-400 064 www.kompassaviation.com
Livewel Aviation Training Academy 6, Narayan Udyog Bhawan Lalbaugh Indl. Est., Dr. Ambedkar Road, Lalbaug, Mumbai-400 012 www.livewelaviation.com
Ozy Indo-Us Airhostess Academy Unit No. 602, 6th Floor, Laxmi Commercial Building, Adacent to Dadar Mabnish Market, Close to Railway Station, Dadar (W) Mumbai-400 028 www.ozyindous.org

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