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This is an exciting hi3 that puts you right in the middle of the sound action. A sound engineer is the professional who is trained to make all audio sound as good as it can get. This means adjusting the pitch, tone, track, resonance, volume and many other variables. Sound engineers do a lot to improve all sorts of audio behind the scenes.
In India, the carreer options for sound engineers are vast. While the most common example of a sound engineer is the person you see working a massive sound board and mixing panel at live concerts, there are other roles for sound.Audio Engineering paves way for a hi3 in the TV, Radio, Film and recording institutes. Audio Engineers need to be artistic and need to posses knowledge in electronics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and music recordings, TV shows play, movies or radio broadcasts.
It involves both production and post production tasks. Using the Electronic mixing board they control sound input while recording or editing, and in the post production section, the recorded material gets polished or “morphed” into sound.
There are a number of fields in which Audio engineers work.

Nature of Work
At CONCERTS :Sound engineering play a huge role at live shows. Audio technicians are in charge of the sound of the band or individual performer. They use highly advanced electronic equipment to maintain the perfect balance in terms of sound.. Mixing board and boards and various control panels help them to equalize noise, control gain and compression, increase and decrease certain tones and add special effects to all aspects of the performance. Thus making the voice of the lead singer high above the rest of the band, while still being abel to appreciate the nuances of every guitar strum and drum stroke.
In RADIO STATIONS: Besides taking care of concerts, sound engineers also work at radio stations. They are in charge of adjusting and reparing electronic equipment used for broadcasts. It is the job of the sound engineer to control the volume and sound quality of a radio broadcast while the station is live on the air. They also monitor broadcast signals to make sure everything goes smoothly.
IN TELEVISION NETWROKS: Sound engineers also work at most major television channels and networks to control sound quality and audio levels. That is why the audio comes through so crisp and clear when you watch the popular networks.
IN BROADCASTING STUDIOS : Another place where you will find sound engineers is the recording studio,Professional albums are recroded with an audio technician who knows exactly how to bring out the best sounds from the recording process.He has a keen ear for composition as well as flaws in the music that may need to be fixed.Sound engineers layer the music by tracks, and they adjust the levels of each instrument or effect as they go.After the recording is complete, engineers may also take the time to master the album. This brings out all the nuances and rich tones of each songs, and that is what we are accustomed to hearing when we turn on the radio or buy a CD.
IN CONFERENCES AND MEETINGS: Can also be found at major conferences and other venues where speeches or presentations are given. When there is a large audience, the speaker must use microphones to project her voice. This can often lead to distortion and high-pitched cracking noises is there is nobody supervise the audio. A Sound engineer makes sure that the levels are set perfectly. This way the speaker can present his or her topic without unwanted distractions in terms of low audio quality.

Personal Attributes
Those aspiring to make a hi3 in the field should have a keen interest and lobe for music. An audio engineer requires a combination of creativity, technical knowledge and an aptitude for working with electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and equipement. As music production is a team work, one should have good communication skill and team spirit. The working hours of an audio engineer can be long and irregular, so they should have the ability to cope with the situation. Concentration, patience, good understanding, good sense of pitch,timing and rhythm are the other flair needed for an audio engineer. They must be proficient with different types of recording media, such as analog tape, digital multi-track recorders and wrokstations and computer knowledge.
Employment Opportunities
After completing Audio Engineering course, the qualified students will be able to continue with a carrier in post production, aesthetics of music, mixing consoles, electrical engineering, acoustic music industry, sound design studio, production engineering, and sound recording technology.Sound recording hi3s are offered by audio and video music companies. They are hired by film production houses and television production units, and by advertising concerns. Sound recording courses enable candidates to take up placements even outside India. Opportunities exist in the capacities of recording engineer, mastering engineer, mix engineer, and audio recording instructor. Being a vast field itself, audio engineering paves way for many hi3 opportunities in the field .With a diploma one can start their hi3 in the fields of movies, television, advertising and broad casting, live concerts, multimedia organizations,CD production, schools and so on.
But one of the most reckoning hi3s for an audio engineer is the music industry. If one is highly skilled then freelancing is an option.

How To Enter:
After 10+2 with PCM a student can do an Under graduate programme in Audio Engineering.

Course Eligibility Duration
B.Tech in Audio Engineering 10+2 with PCM 4 Yrs
B.A/B.Sc(Hons.)in audio Engineering 10+2 with PCM 3 Yrs
Diploma in Sound Recording & Design 10+2 2 Yrs
Diploma in Sound Recording & Audio Engg. 10+2 1 Yrs
National Institute of Film and Fine Arts 35-A Townshend Road, Kolkata-700025 www.niffa.in
School of Audio Engg. Inst Jayalakshmi Estates, 29/8 haddows road , Chennai p-600006 http://chennai.sae.edu
Neo Film & Broadcasting School Janatha Jn.(Nr International Stadium)Palarivattom,Kochi, Pin-682025 www.neofilmschool.com
Center for Research in Art of Film and Television 272-1st ft Naharpur Car Market ,Rohini-Sec-7,Delhi110085 www.log2craft.org
R.K.Films media Acadmey 8A/8 W.E.A Karol Bagh, telephone exchange on pusa road New Delhi-110005 www.rkfma.com
Whistling Woods International Film CityComplex,Goregaon-E , Mumbai-400065 www.whistlingwoods.net

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