Structure and Function of Chordate Type

Section-A Chordates Protochordates and Cyclostomes : 1.Comparison of habit, external features and anatomy of Herdmania and Branchisotoma (excluding development) 2.Ascidian tadpole larva and its me tamorphosis 3.Affinities of hemichordata, urochordata and cephalochordata 4.Habit, habitat and salient feature of Petromyzon : Ammocoete larva Section-B Comparative anatomy 1.Integument including structure and development of placoid scales, feathers and …

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Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Section A History of molecular biology: work of Chargaff, Watson and crick model of DNA, Meselson and Stahl replication experiment; Hershey and Chase experiment, Chromatin structure and gene expression, S. Benzer and gene concept.Kary Mullis and Polymerase chain reaction, Application of PCR technique, an overview of DNA fingerprinting and its use. Section B Central dogma …

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Applied Zoology, Ethology & Biostatistics

APPLIED ZOOLOGY AND ETHOLOGY CHAPTER-1 Animal Culture CHAPTER-2 Concepts of Ethology CHAPTER-3 Methods of Studying Animal behavior CHAPTER-4 Pheromones CHAPTER-5 Societies and Social organization Multiple Choice Questions BIOSTATISTICS CHAPTER-1 Introduction, Scope and Application of Biostatistics CHAPTER-2 CHAPTER-3 Frequency Distribution CHAPTER-4 Graphical Presentation Of Data KEY TERMS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS SAMPLE PAPERS