BCA (Think-Tank)

System Design Concept(Think-Tank)

Unit – I Introduction to Systems Design Environment: Systems Development Approaches-Function Oriented. Data Oriented, Object Oriented, Development Process, Methodologies, Tools, Modeling Methods, Processing Types and Systems, Batch Processing, Realtime Processing. System Development Life Cycle, Linear or Waterfall Cycle, Linear cycle phase problem definition, system specification, system design, system development, testing, maintenance Problems with Linear Life …

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Network Technologies(Think-Tank)

Network Architecture, Configuring Network, Network Strategies, Networks Types : LAN, MAN and WAN [Basic Concepts, Line Configuration, Topology, Transmission Mode, Identify Key Components of Network, Categories of Network, Differentiating between LAN, MAN, WANS and Internet]. The OSI Model, The Physical Layer (Bandwidth Limited Signals, Transmission Media, Wireless Transmission), The Data link Layer, Error Detection and …

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Data Structure(Think-Tank)

DATA STRUCTURE: Basic data structures such as arrays, stack and queues and their applications, linked and sequential representation. Linked list, representation of linked list, multi linked structures. Trees: definitions and basic concepts, linked tree representation, representations in contiguous storage, binary trees, binary tree traversal, searching insertion and deletion in binary trees, heap tree and heap …

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Core Java(Think Tank)

Unit – I Overview of Object Oriented Concepts in Java. Introduction: getting and installing the Java Development Kit, Java features like security, portability, byte code, java virtual machine, object oriented, robust, multithreading, architectural neutral, distributed and dynamic, Java programming language structure and syntax, control statements (The If statement, Logical Operators, The Conditional Operator, the Switch …

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Physics(Part 1)

Electric Charge, Conductors and Insulators, Coulomb’s Law, Quantization and Conservation of Electric Charge, Electric Field, Electric Lines of Force and Gauss’s Law of Electrostatics, Electric Potential Energy and Electric Power, Electric Current, Resistance, Resistivity and Conductivity, Ohm’s Law, Electromotive Force, Magnetic Field due to a Bar Magnet

Physics (Part 2)

Review of Concepts Basic Boolean operations Different properties Demorgan Theorem Karnaugh Maps SOP POS Max terms & Min terms Karnaugh Maps Quins – Mcclusky Method Combinational Circuits Mulliptener Denullylener Decoders DCD to decimal decoders Seven segment Encoders Counters Sequential Circuits Flip flops RS Flip slop JK flip slop Master slaw flip flop

Computer Organisation

Computer System History and Architecture development von Neumann machine, Mother Board, System clockBasic building blocks I/O, Memory, ALU and its components, Control Unit and its functions, Instruction word, Instruction and Execution cycle, branch, skip, jump and shift instruction, Operation of control registers; Controlling of arithmetic operations, classification of Computers Basics of Computer organization; system buses …

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