Production of Recombinant Molecules

Introduction to gene cloning,tools and enzymes used in gene manipulation.Restriction enzymes, DNA ligases, DNA Polymerase Reverse Transcriptase, Polynucleotide kinease, End labeling and other processes used in rDNA technology Making of genomic and DNA libraries, their screening and major application Production of transgenic Microbes and their application in Biotechnology Production of transgenic Animals and their application …

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Bio resource and Waste Management

Biomass Solid waste and its classification Biodiversity and its characterization Analysis of solid waste Objectives of solid waste management and its treatment Collection system, Collection routes and transport system. Bioremediation Composting Sanitary landfilling, Recycling, Incineration Medical waste and its safety regulation. Characters of Industrial waste and its disposal method.

Dairy & Food Technology

Mushroom cultivation Single cell protein Food preservation Fermental food & Beverages -Alcohlic Beverages * Beer Making Fermented food Cheese production ** Idli Production Chillhaze and chill Proofing Post Harvest Management Milk Definition & Composition Chemical & functional properties of milk components Physiocochemical properties of milk Factors affecting milk compositions Explain the role of microorganism for …

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Plant Secondary Metabolites

Section -A 1. Introduction, secondary plant products in nature and their occurrence, type and uses. Basic tools and techniques used in isolation and separation. Section -B 2. Production in vitro- optimization selection effect of metabolism on secondary metabolite- production, production under stress factors. 3. Production of alkaloids, steroids and saponins. Mechanism and control by different …

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