Fundamentals of Information Technology

[This course is of introductory nature, and therefore, emphasis will be on basic concepts and direct applications of mathematical expressions without rigorous analysis.] Part A (Weightage 10%) What is IT, Information Systems, Data and Information, IT in Business and Industry, IT in Home and Play, IT in Education and Training, IT in Entertainment and the …

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Data Communication & Networking

Data Communication Modulation [Principles of Modulation, AM and FM Modular Circuits, Pulse Code Modulation, Basebeand Modulation, M-ary Pulse Modulation waveforms, Duobinary signaling and decoding. Digital Band-pass Modulation] Demodulation [Basics of Demodulation and detection, signals and Noise, Detection of Binary Signal in Gaussain Noise, Demodulation of shaped Pulses, Digital Signal in Gaussain Noise, Demodulation of shaped …

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Algorithms and Application Programming

1. Graphic Application and Hardware : Need of Graphics, Display and Input Devices. 2. Transformation : Matrix Representation and Homogeneous Coordinates : Basic Transformations-2-dimensions and 3-dimensions : Translations, Scaling and Rotations. 3. Output Primitives : Line Drawing Algorithms : DDA Bresenham Line Drawing, Circle Drawing Midpoint Algo, Ellipse Generating Midpoint Algo. 4. Clipping : Sutherland …

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