BBA (Think-Tank)

Cost and Management Accounting

1. Introduction to Cost Accounting : Meaning and definition, scope and use of cost accounting, cost centre, cost accounting and financial accounting, cost concepts, classification of costs. 2. Elements of Cost: Material,labour and expense,direct Material cost-Meaning,Purchase and stores routine, methods of Princing Material issues,wastage,scrap spoilage and defectives,Invenory Control labour cost-Meaning Remunertion methods,labour-turnover,treatments of idle …

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Business and Management(Think-Tank)

Business & Management : Features and Scope of Business. Elementary knowledge of Trade, Industry and Commerce, Types of Industries, Forms of ownership—Sole trading, Partnership, Company, Cooperatives, Joint Sector, Public Enterprises. Concept of management, nature and scope of management. Management Functions, Functional areas of Management (elementary knowledge only), Principles of Management, Schools of Management Thought. Planning …

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Production and Material Management

UNIT I Meaning and function of production management, role and responsibility of production function in org type of production system continuous, intermittent, job lots etc., plant layout objective type material flow pattern safety consideration and environment aspects UNIT II Production design-definition, importance, factor affecting product design product policy-standardization, simplification, production developments, meaning importance, factor responsible …

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