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IT fro Management

Information & System Concepts-Introduction –Concepts, Classification of Information, Methods of Data & Information Collection, Value of Information, Organization and Information, System, Management Information System Internet New Information Technology

Human Resource Planning

Introduction: definition and concept of HRP, benefits, process, HRP components. HR HR planning and corporate strategies: HR planning as a strategic process-employees as resources-goal attainment, linking HR process to strategy, involvement in strategic planning process, strategic HR Planning model, staffing system. Job analysis: meaning and definition, job analysis process, techniques of job analysis, methods and …

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Business Policy and Strategic Management

Introduction: Business policy-evolution of the concept. Difference between business policy and strategic management. Corporate governance- concept, issues, models, evolution and significance. Introduction to Strategic Management-Concept importance of strategic Management, Strategy & Competitive Advantage, Strategy Planning & Decisions, strategic Management Process. Top management perspective: Establishing company direction-developing strategic vision, setting objectives and crafting a strategy-Internal & …

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Tanning and Development

Introduction to Training & Development – Training and Training needs Assessment, Training Design and Administration, Training methods, Technique & Aids, Training Strategy. Performance Appraisal & Training – Learning through training, Adult Learning (Andragogy), Learning theories and learning Curve, Learning Styles Training Process: An Overview; Role Responsibility and Challenges to Training Managers; Organization and Management of …

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Strategic Human Resource Management

Traditional vs. Strategic HR Activities, “Best Fit” Approach vs.”Best Practice” Approach, HR Strategy and the Role of National Context, Sectoral Context, and Organizational Context on HR strategy and Practices, Investment Perspective of Human Resources. Strategy- How organizations react to their environment and adopt a course of action to deal with it. This course of action …

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Security Analysis and portfolio Management

Investment Scenario & Security Markets: concept of investment-investment objectives and constraints-security and non security forms of investment. Securities markets: markets and their functions-methods of raising capital-development of stock market in India-demat, listing, membership, trading and settlement procedure, stock market indices, regulation of securities market (SEBI). Risk and Return: total risk and its factors-concept and components …

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Sales and Distribution Management

The Sales Management- Introduction to sales management and sales organization, Sales function & policies, Personal selling – nature, scope & objectives, Formulating Personal selling strategy. Planning the Sales Effort- Sales planning and Budgeting, Estimating Market Potential and Sales forecasting, Setting the sales territory & quotas, Sales and cost Analysis. Organizing and Directing the sales Force- …

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