Security Analysis and portfolio Management

Investment Scenario & Security Markets: concept of investment-investment objectives and constraints-security and non security forms of investment. Securities markets: markets and their functions-methods of raising capital-development of stock market in India-demat, listing, membership, trading and settlement procedure, stock market indices, regulation of securities market (SEBI).
Risk and Return: total risk and its factors-concept and components of total risk-security returns: measuring historical and ex ante (expected) returns-systematic and unsystematic risk-quantifying portfolio risk and return-benefits of diversification-capital market line and capital assets pricing model.
Introduction to portfolio management: The investment process-definition of investments-investment categories. Capital market theory: CAPM, CML-application of the security market line, APT. Portfolio analysis: diversification, portfolio risk and return-Markowitz risk return optimization-single index model-the Sharpe index model-portfolio beta.
Economic analysis, Industry analysis, Company analysis, Technical analysis.