IT fro Management

Information & System Concepts-Introduction –Concepts, Classification of Information, Methods of Data & Information Collection, Value of Information, Organization and Information, System, Management Information System Internet New Information Technology

Principles and Practices of Management

Management an Overview, Management Defined, Functions of Management, Managerial Roles and responsibilities, System and Contingency Approach for understanding organizations, Management Thought-Classical Perspective, Scientific Management, Administrative Management, Bureaucratic Management, Behavioral Perspective. Managerial processes, functions, skills and rules in an organization, social responsibilities of Business. Fundamentals of Planning – Objectives, Strategies, Policies, Decision making. Fundamentals of Organizing- …

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Managerial Economics

Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics, role and Responsibility of a Managerial Economist. The fundamental concepts of Managerial Economics, theory of the firm and the role of profits Theory of Demand- concept, determinants of Demand, Demand Function and econometric techniques. Theory of Supply- concept, determination, analysis, supply function. Elasticity of Demand- concept, measurement. Concept of …

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