Wireless Technology

Unit I: Wireless Communication Fundamentals Introduction, wireless transmission – frequencies for radio transmission – signals – antennas – signal propagation – multiplexing – modulation – spread spectrum – cellular systems – medium access control – specialized MAC – SDMA – FDMA – TDMA – aloha – CSMA – collision avoidance – polling – CDMA – …

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ERP System

Enterprise wide information system, Custom built and packaged approaches, Needs and Evolution of ERP Systems, Common myths and evolving realities, ERP and Related Technologies, Business Process Reengineering and Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Relevance to Data Warehousing, Data Mining and OLAP, ERP Drivers, Decision support system. ERP Domain, ERP Benefits classification, Present global and Indian …

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Analysis and Design Algorithm

Introduction:- algorithm definition and specification – Design of Algorithms, and Complexity of Algorithms, Asymptotic Notations, Growth of function, Recurrences, Performance analysis – Elementary Data structures:- stacks and queues – trees – dictionaries – priority queues –sets and disjoint set union – graphs – basic traversal and search techniques. Divide – and – conquer:- General method …

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