ERP System

Enterprise wide information system, Custom built and packaged approaches, Needs and
Evolution of ERP Systems, Common myths and evolving realities, ERP and Related Technologies, Business Process Reengineering and Information Technology, Supply Chain Management, Relevance to Data Warehousing, Data Mining and OLAP, ERP Drivers, Decision support system.
ERP Domain, ERP Benefits classification, Present global and Indian market scenario, milestones and pitfalls, Forecast, Market players and profiles, Evaluation criterion for ERP product, ERP Life Cycle: Adoption decision, Acquisition, Implementation, Use & Maintenance, Evolution and Retirement phases, ERP Modules.
Framework for evaluating ERP acquisition, Analytical Hierarchy Processes (AHP), Applications of AHP in evaluating ERP, Selection of Weights, Role of consultants, vendors and users in ERP implementation; Implementation vendors evaluation criterion, ERP Implementation approaches and methodology, ERP implementation strategies, ERP Customization, ERP-A manufacturing Perspective.
Critical success and failure factors for implementation, Model for improving ERP effectiveness, ROI of ERP implementation, Hidden costs, ERP success inhibitors and accelerators, Management concern for ERP success, Strategic Grid: Useful guidelines for ERP Implementations.
Technologies in ERP Systems and Extended ERP, Case Studies Development and Analysis of ERP Implementations in focusing the various issues discussed in above units through Soft System approaches or qualitative Analysis tools, Learning and Emerging Issues, ERP and ECommerce.
Concept of E-Governance : Concept, E-Governance frame work, area of application like public sector, service industry

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