Data Communication Network

Overview, evolution of computer networks, computer telephony. Data communications – advantages of digital communication, transmission media, and fundament ales of digital communications, transmission media, modulation techniques and modems. The OSI seven layer network model, LAN technologies – protocols and standards, LAN hardware, TCP/IP and the Internet, Internet Architecture, Internet protocol and datagram., Routing protocols, UDP, Internet standard services, DNS. Networking Technologies, ISDN, Cable Modem System, DSL, SMDS, Frame relay, fast Ethernet, 100VG-anyLAN and Gigabit Ethernet, FDDI and CDDI, Asynchronous Transfer, SONET, DWDM Switching and Virtual LAN, Non-ATM Virtual LANs, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN standard, Network Performance, Analytical approaches, simulation, traffic monitoring. Network Management – SNMP, RMON and RMNv2, TMN, Directory services and network management. Issues related to network reliability and security, SSL and VPN, Introduction only to firewalls and Kerberos, Cyber Laws.