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Micro Economy

Economic Theory: Nature and technique. Micro and macroeconomics. Static dynamic andcomparative static analysis. Positive and normative economics. Theory of consumer‟s behavior: Utility analysis. Indifference curve analysis, Consumer‟s equilibrium, Price substitution and Income effect. Normal inferior and gutter goods Production Function :Law of variable proportions. Three stages of production Iso quant and iso -cost, optimum factor …

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Indian Economy

Basic characteristics of Indian economy, Natural Resources Population industry, Role, strategy and challenges, Cottage and Small Scale industries Planning in India, Objectives of five year plans, review of economic progress under the plans, comprehensive study of the latest Five Year Plan; Problems of Poverty, unemployment, inflation and regional inequalities, Foreign Trade: Size, composition and direction, …

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Survey Methods in Social Investigation

Section-A 1. Social research and social survey: meaning, scientific methods. 2. Data forms and sources. 3. Hypotheses. Section-B 4. Techniques of data collection : Questionnaire, schedule interview, observation and case study. 5. Sampling. Section-C 6. Tabulation : Presentation of data, simple and multivariate tables. 7. Averages : Mean, mode and median.