B.ED (Think-Tank)

Education and School Management

Unit-I Concept need,Characteristics principles of Educational Administration and Edu- Cational Management. Concept of authority delegation of power centralization and decemtralization directionm communication unity of command.TQM. Unit-II Concept types,principles,styles, need,problems of Leadership Leadership role of school HM in Institutional planning. Concept type,aims,need of Institutional planning and financial management/ School budget, nature,process of preparation,problems and soutions Unit-III …

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Psycho-Social Basis of Learning and Teaching

Unit 1 : 1. Educational Psychology its meaning, methods, scope, Functions and applications. 2. Implications of Educational Psychology fora Teacher, Curricula, Classroom situations and learner development. 3. Growth and Development of the learner-Growth and Development meaning, Principles (Physical, social, mental and Emotional Development) and their Implications for learning. Unit 2 : 1. Learning, its meaning, …

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Educational Technology & Classroom Management

Concept of Educational Technology-scope and its role in educational practices Types of ET-Teaching Technology, Instructional Technology and behaviour Technology (meaning, characteristics, basic assumptions of content). Concept of communication, elements of communication, Communication skill, teaching learning Process as the Process of communication System Approach in education. Concept of teaching, instruction, training and learning, Relationship between teaching …

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Education and Emerging Indian Society

Unit 1 : 1. Concept,nature and Meaning,aims and objectives of education. 2. Forms of Education-Formal, Informal,Non-formal. 3. Values and aspirations of the present IndianSociety. 4. Cultural heritage and its relevance inthe modern Indianeducation. Unit 2 : Educational implications of the following : 1. Idealism 2. Naturalism 3. Pragmatism Educational contribution of the following : 1. …

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English Teaching

Unit-1 Basic Concepts, Objectives,And Methods Of Teaching English As A Second Language Unit-2 Teaching of listening and speaking skills Unit-3 : Teaching Reading and Writing skills: UNIT-4 : Resources and Planing for English Teaching Unit 5: Testing and Evaluation in English