What is Online Exam

What is Online Investigation?
Online examinations, sometimes referred as e-examinations, are the investigationsdirected through the internet or in an intranet (if within the Organization) for a remote candidate (s). Most of the examinations questionmarks as the applicant finish the exam, when there is an answer processing unit also involvedthrough the system. Candidate is agreed a limited time to answer the questions and after the time end the answer paper is restrictedmechanically and answers sent to the examiner. The examiner will analyzeanswers, either through automaticprocedureby hand and the marks will be sent to the candidate through email.
Today many organizations are directing online examinations internationalefficiently and dispute results online.
There are compensations and difficulties in online examinations. The main benefit is that it can be directed for remote candidates and assessment of answers can be fully automated for MCQ questions can be evaluated by hand or through automatic system, dependent on the nature of the queries and the requirements. Also online investigations can be directed at any time and there is no paper work. There are no supervisors, also nonecessity of plan of exam hubs. When relating with traditional exam scenario the cost for an online examination will be almost zero.
The weakness of the e-examination is the incapability of monitoring. There are organizations used in these examinations, when recording candidates and presentation of queries, so that to exam candidates knowledge and services. Though a limited time, candidate cannot be completely verified with his skill-test.

• REQUIREMENT: Concept about examinations and why the basicneed for online exams:

The traditional method to determining a person’s level of information in a topic has been the examination. These days there is often more importance on “internal” assessments, which couldcontain of assignments and projects given by the teacher and then marked or evaluated by the similar teacher. Investigations have the benefits of:

• Self-confidence that a large number of students are all being evaluated equally.
• Abridgedchance for cheating.
• A smaller amountof marking work, where a full year’s calculation can be finished in a 2 or 3 hour period.
The Internet creates occasions for making examinations both more consistent and cheaper than they are already. Ignoring the efforts of the examinees, there are three main components of strength required to administer an examination:
1. Create the examination, and keep the contents secure until the examination starts.
2. Supervise the examination.
3. Conduct the examinations.
Byusing computer technology, it should be conceivable to modernize these three phases, and also separate them from each other.
There are many online examination systems existing in the marketplace nowadays. In this part of the conversation we will briefly define the existing systems and undermine the features other planned system. These features are the improvements or advantages of our proposed system over the currentschemes. Onlinetestplus, Sify-itest, Exam-Pro Software, Exam 9 product technologies and many more are the extensively used operational examination soft wares today.

Author: Nidhi khandelwal