System Analysis and Design

Introduction to System Design Environment : Systems Development Approaches-Function Oriented, Object Oriented Development Process, Methodologies, Tools , Modeling Methods, Processing Types and Systems, Batch Processing, Real Time Processing, Management Process, Management, System Analysis, Programmers, Computer Operators, End Users, System Structure, People Processes and Data, Databases, Personal Systems, Centralized Systems, Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Distributed Systems, Evolution of Distributed Processing, Client Server Systems, Agent Oriented Systems.
System Development Life Cycle, Linear or Waterfall Cycle, Linear Cycle Phase Problem Definition, System Specification, System Design, System Development, Testing, Maintenance Problem with Linear Life Cycle, Iterative Cycles, Spiral Model Requirements Analysis, Importance of Communication, Identifying Requirements, Data and Fact Gathering Techniques, Feasibility Studies, Introduction to Prototyping, Rapid Prototyping Tools, Benefits of Prototyping.
Interface Design Tools, User Interface Evaluations, Introduction to Process Modeling, Introduction to Data Modeling.
System Design Techniques, Document Flow Diagrams, Documents, Physical Movement of Documents, Usefulness of Document Flow Diagram, Data Flow Diagrams, DFD Notation, Context Diagram DFD Leveling, Process Descriptions Structured English, Decision Trees and Decision Tables, Entity Relationship Diagrams, Entities, Attributes, Relationship, Degree, Optionality, Resolving Many to Many Relationship, Exclusive Relationship, Structure Charts, Modules, Parameter Passing, Execution Sequence, Structured Design, Conversion from Data Flow Diagrams to Structure Charts.
System Implementation, Maintenance and Documentation, Testing, Evaluation, Maintenance Activities, Documentation, Document Configuration Maintaining a Configuration.