Industrial Electronics

UNIT 1: SEMICONDUCTOR POWER DEVICES – Basic characteristics & working of Power Diodes, Diac, SCR, Triac, Power Transistor, MOSFETs, IGBT, and GTO.
UNIT 2: RECTIFIERS & INVERTERS – Working principles of single and three phase
bridge rectifiers, Voltage and current source inverters.
UNIT 3: POWER SUPPLIES: Principle of operation of choppers. Step up, Step down and reversible choppers. High frequency electronic ballast, Switch Mode Power Supply: Fly back converter, forward/buck converter, Boost converter and buck-boost converter. Uninterruptible Power Supply.
UNIT 4: MOTOR CONTROL:Introduction to speed control of DC motors using phase controlled converters and choppers, Basic idea of speed control of three phase induction motors using voltage and frequency control methods.
UNIT 5:Stepper Motors: Variable reluctance, Permanent mag
net and hybrid stepper motors. Induction and dielectric heating control.

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