Structure and Function of Chordate Type

Chordates Protochordates and Cyclostomes :
1.Comparison of habit, external features and anatomy of Herdmania and Branchisotoma
(excluding development)
2.Ascidian tadpole larva and its me
3.Affinities of hemichordata, urochordata and cephalochordata
4.Habit, habitat and salient feature of Petromyzon : Ammocoete larva
Comparative anatomy
1.Integument including structure and development of placoid scales, feathers and hair
2.Basic plan of vertebrate endoskeleton
3.Alimentary canal
4.Heart and aortic arches
5.Respiratory system
6.Urinogenital system
Chordates Adaptations
1.Pisces: Scales and Fins, Migration Parental care
Structure and Function of Chordate Type
2.Amphibia : Parental care
3.Reptilia: Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes, Poison apparatus
4.Aves : Flight adaptation, Bird migration
5.Mammals: Adaptive radiation, Dentition

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