Network Security and Cryptology

Introduction : Goals and settings, The symmetric setting, The asymmetric setting. Other goals Pseudorandom Number Generation, Authenticated key exchange, Coin flipping, What cryptography is about, Protocols, parties and adversaries, Cryptanaly and computer security the rules of the game, Approaches to the study of cryptography, Phases in the cryptography’s Development, Cryptanalysis-driven design, Shannon security of symmetric encryption, Computertational complexity theory, Atomic primitives, what background do I need? , Historical notes, problems. Block Ciphers : What is a block cipher? Data Encryption Standard (DES) Key recovery attacks on block ciphers, Iterated DES and DESX, Advanced encryption Standard (AES), Limitations of recovery key based security, Problems. Pseudorandom Functions : Function families, Random functions and permutations, Pseudorandom Functions, Pseudorandom permutations, Modeling block ciphers, Example attacks, Security against key recovery, The birthday attack, The PRP/PRF switching lemma. Historical notes. Symmetric Encryption : Some Symmetric Encryption schemes, Issues Iqn privacy, Indistinguishability under chosen-plaintext attack, Example chosen-plaintext attacks, INF-CPA implies PR-CPA, Security of CTR modes, Security of CBC with a random IV, Historical notes. Hash Functions : The hash function SHAI, Collision resistant hash functions, Collision, attacks. One-way ness of collision resistant hash functions, Polynomial evolution is an almost universal hash, function, The CBC MAC function, Collision-resistance under hidden-key attack. Message Authentication : The setting, Privacy does not imply authenticity, Syntax of message-authentication schemes a definition of security for MACs , The PRF-as-a MAC paradigm, The CBC MACs. Number-Theoretic Primitives : Introduction to discrete algorithm related problems, The choice of group; The RSA system, Historical notes.
Network Security And Cryptology 5
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Asymmetric Encryption :Asymmetric encryption schemes, Notions of security, one encryption query or many? Hybrid encryption, El Gamal scheme and its variants. Digital signatures : Digital signature schemes, A notion of security, RSA based signatures.