Microwave Engineering-1

UNIT 1: WAVE GUIDES:Introduction of Microwaves and their applications. Rectangular
Waveguides, Solution of Wave equation in TE and TM modes. Power transmission and Power losses. Excitation of modes in Rectangular waveguides, circular waveguides:
Basic idea of TE and TM modes, field patterns, TEM mode of propagation.
UNIT 2: WAVEGUIDE COMPONENTS: Scattering matrix representation of networks.
Rectangular cavity and circular cavity resonators. Waveguide Tees, Magic Tees. Hybrid
rings. Waveguide corners, Bends and twists. Directional couplers, Circulators and
UNIT 3: KLYSTRONS: Limitation of conventional vacuum tubes, Construction and
operation of two cavity & multicavity klystrons. Velocity modulation and electron
bunching (analytical treatment), Applegate diagram and applications of two cavity
klystrons. Construction, working and operation of Reflex klystron. Applications and
practical considerations. Velocity modulation, power output and frequency
characteristics of a Reflex klystron. Electron admittance.
UNIT 4: TRAVELLING WAVE TUBES (TWT): Construction, operation and practical
consideration of helix type TWT. Introduction to CW power, pulsed dual mode TWT.
Coupled cavity TWT. Applications of TWT.
UNIT 5: MAGNETRON: Types of Magnetron. Construction, operation, analysis and
practical consideration of cavity or travelling wave magnetron. Introduction to coaxial,
frequency angle and voltage tunable magnetrons. Backward cross field oscillator,
Forward wave cross field amplifier.

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