Computer Ergonomics

It seems almost each one in this digital globe is spending a lot of time in frontage of a computer, which can damage the eyes as well as other parts of the body. And everyone who uses a computer for protracted periods; whether on the job, at school or at home for satisfaction is at hazard for headaches, burning eyes, red eyes, a stiff neck and other symptoms that encompass computer vision syndrome (CVS)
With the speedy progression of information technology, use of computers is already part of many people’s everyday life. Those engaged in electronic information and computer-related professionals have to use computers for extended periods.
Extended computer job also can cause physical stress that eventually possibly will lead to a disability. Perceptions of hard work and comfort are other probably early signs of musculoskeletal disorders in computer work.

Hazards from computers:-
Long periods of using a computer can increase your chance of developing an injury. Using a computer can cause back, neck and shoulder pain, eyestrain, and overuse injuries of your hands and wrists.
Posture related injuries:-Musculoskeletal problems (aches and pains)
• Upper back and neck anxiety.
• Shoulders and elbow anxiety.
• Lower back anxiety.
• Lower extremity muscle cramps, aching, or lack of feeling.
• Wrist and hand discomfort.
• Over use of computers can harm your hands and upper limb.

Prevention: Several relatively straightforward precautions can be taken by computer users to avoid problems.

Position should be in a proper way.
Catch regular breaks from working at your PC – little minutes at least one hour
Regulate chair to the most favorable height. Permit chair height to be adjusted from a sitting situation.
Exercising the eyes by time to time focusing on objects at varying distances.

Harshita Bhati

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