Students Leadership, aam aadmi party, Kejriwal, sucess

In this Video, Dr. Sanjay Biyani, Academic Director, Biyani Group of Colleges, says that our nation is so prosperous having lots of resources but our leaders doesn’t have the proper channels to use them. But now the changes that we have seen from three months indicate towards a strong leadership in the form of leaders like Kejriwal. We are the witness of these changes. We should not follow monotonous politics .Now we are moving towards big political changes in 2014. A strong leadership is coming into form, wherein we can use our resources in better way. The Aam Aadmi is now in politics, reflecting the frustration of the common people, who are tired of the political leaders who use them. The rise of the Aam Aadmi will give a new direction to the Nation. The role of media is also very important in creating this awareness, but media is not fulfilling its duties properly. Every morning they spread Negativity by highlighting only the news that are sensational and violent. They should show Realistic News and spread Positivity among the society. Biyani College is introducing a new Newspaper BIYANI TIMES which will spread Positivity and Happiness among the society, and one will feel very happy by reading it.
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