Public Administration in India

Section-A Historical Background of Indian Administration with special reference to influence of British period, salient features of Indian Administration. The Union Executive : President, Prime Minister and Council of Ministers. The organization and working of the Central Secretariat and Cabinet Secretariat. Section-B Organisation of Working of Ministry of Home and Ministry of Personnel, Pensions & Public Grievances, major Forms of Public Enterprises-Departments, Corporations and Companies, Committee on Public Undertakings, Financial Administration : Budget Formulation, Budget Enactment and Budget Execution, Role of Ministry of Finance, Comptroller and Auditor General of India.
Section-C Personnel Administration : Classification of Indian Civil Services, Recruitment and Training of All India Services. Control over Administration : Legislative, Executive and Judicial; Administrative corruption, Redressal of Public Grievances, Administrative Reforms with special reference to Administrative Reforms Commission & Sarkaria Commission. □