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January 20, 2016

Production and Material Management

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Meaning and function of
production management, role and responsibility of
production function in org type of production system continuous, intermittent, job
lots etc., plant layout objective type material flow pattern safety consideration and
environment aspects
Production design-definition, importance, factor affecting product design product
policy-standardization, simplification, production developments, meaning
importance, factor responsible development techniques of product development.
Production planning and control-meaning objective, scope, importance and
procedure of production planning, routing, schedule, master production schedule,
production schedule, dispatch, follow up, production control-meaning, objectives,
factor affecting production control
Concept and importance of material management 0corporate policy, organization,
research, planning, source selection, inventory management and its prime
importance in our country today. Inventory control technique -abc, make or buy decision. Problem
on abs analysis
Warehousing and store management centralized and decentralized store. Brief
introduction to various methods of store accounting. Need for stock verification

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