Java Programming

JAVA: Introduction to Object Orientated Programming, Abstraction, Object Oriented Programming Principles, Features of JAVA, Introduction to Java byte code, Java Virtual machine. PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Primitive data types, variables, as signment, arithmetic, short circuit logical operators, Arithm etic operators, bit wise operators, relational operators, Boolean logic operators, the assignment operators, operator precedence, Decision and control statements, arrays.
CONTROL STATEMENTS: Java‟s Selection Statements, if st atement, switch statement, Iteration Statements, while, do-while, f or, for-each, Nested Loops, Jump Statements, Using break, Using continue, return
OBJECTS AND CLASSES: Objects, constructors, returning and passing objects as parameter, Nested and inner classes, Single and Multilevel Inheritance, Extended classes, Access Control, usage of super, Overloading and overriding methods, Abstract classes, Using final with inheritance.
PACKAGE AND INTERFACES: Defining package, concept of CLASSPATH, access modifiers, importing package, Defining and implementing interfaces.
STRING HANDLING: String constructors, special string operations, character extraction, searching and comparing strings, stringBuffer class.
EXCEPTION HANDLING: Exception handling fundamentals, Exception types, uncaught exceptions, try, catch and multiple catch statements. Usage of throw, throws and finally .FILE HANDLING: I/O streams, File I/O.
CONCURRENCY: Processes and Threads, Thread Objects, Defining and Starting a Thread, Pausing Execution with Sleep, Interrupts, Joins, Synchronization. APPLET: Applet Fundamentals, using paint method and drawing polygons.