Engineering Mechanics

Chapter No.1
System of forces, Fundamental laws of mechanics, Composition of forces, Free body diagram, Lami’s theorem, Rectilinear motion, plane curvilinear motion, Projectile motion, Newton’s law of motion, D’Alembert’s principle.
Chapter No.2
Moments and couple, Varignon’s theorem, condition of equilibrium. Impulse, momentum, Impulse – Momentum relation, Impact.
Chapter No.3
Types of support and loading, reaction, Analysis of simple trusses by methods of joints and method of sections.
Chapter No.4
Laws of Coulomb friction, Ladder, Wedges, Belt friction and rolling, Principle of virtual work and its applications.
Chapter No.5
Location of centroid and center of gravity, area moment of inertia, mass moment of inertia.
Chapter No.6
Work, energy (Potential, Kinetic and Spring), Work – Energy relation, Law of conservation of energy, Constrained motion of connected particles