Introduction to Electronic Commerce : Definition of Electronic Commerce, The scope of Electronic Commerce.
Business Strategy in an Electronic Commerce : The value chain, Competitive advantage, Business strategy.
Business to Business Electronic Commerce : Inter-organisational transactions, Electronic markets, Electronic data interchange (EDI), EDI: the nuts and bolts, EDI and Business Inter organisational E-Commerce.
Designing (Technical, Detailed, High Level): Introduction to Technical Design and Construction. A Client Server Model of E-Commerce, Understanding Technical Design, Understanding Construction. Introduction to Detail Design. Any example of Applying Detailed Design: Introduction to High-Level Design, Understanding High-level Design, Performing High-Level Design, High Level design of Business transactions Applying High-Level design, Any Example of Applying High-level Design. Challenges and Opportunities in Applying High-Level Design.
Testing & Implementation: Introduction to Testing. Understanding Testing. Applying Testing. Challenges an Opportunities in Applying Verification and Validation.
Implementation : Understanding Implementation. Applying Implementation Planning. An Example of Applying Implementation Planning. Challenges and Opportunities Implementation Planning. guidance

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