Correlation between Mind (Senses), Brain (Intellect) and Heart (Emotions)

In this Video, Dr. Sanjay Biyani, Academic Director, Biyani Group of Colleges explains the co-relation between the mind, brain, and heart. Brain and Heart are tangible. Our Brain is governed by our intellect, so always hear good things through your ears, and always smell good things with our nose. Our whole body is controlled by our intellect which is a very powerful. When your Heart comes under our intellect it becomes very powerful which connects it to knowledge, thus making our five senses (nose, ear, mouth etc.) stronger. These are governed by our intellect which also controls our soul. He appeals that if you want to make yourself powerful then let your heart depend on your Intellect, by which you can make yourself Happy. Also make your brain powerful. Parents should motivate their children to control their Emotions as Heart is the power house of our body. And our Heart needs Silence to regenerate its lost energy and to relax one should meditate, which increases your energy level and Intellect.
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