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August 17, 2015

A Conceptual Framework of Green Marketing

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In this video lecture the concept of Green Marketing has been discussed. Green Marketing is defined as a strategic process responsible for identifying and satisfying the requirements of customers and society, in a profitable and sustainable way.

Retail Banking

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In this video lecture the concept of Retail Banking has been discussed. Retail banking is a framework that allows commercial banks to offer banking products & services in one place at virtually any of their branch locations. The retail banking aspect turns commercial banks into a kind of store or retailer where clients are able to purchase multiple banking products.

Audit — Meaning, BBA, BCom

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Audit is examination of books, accounts, records, statements by independent agency with the help of Boucher to ascertain true and fair view on a particular date.

Merchant Bankers

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Specialized bankers engaged in new issue of shares, debenture , bonds required to be engage as per SEBI Act.

Merchant Bankers-Services part-I

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Merchant banks provide various services like project counseling, loans indication, manager / advisory to the issue under writing etc.

Merchant Bankers-Services part-II

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Merchant bankers also provides portfolio management. Corporate restructuring, off-shore financing and revival package of sick units.

Audit — Objectives

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Main objectives is to ascertain and certify true and fair view of financial position of business. Supplementary Audit are detection and prevention of errors and frauds.

August 14, 2015

Financial Instruments — Features / Characteristics

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Most of the financial instruments are easily marketable, security value, easy liquidity, some have tax benefit and return on them depends upon relative risk.

Financial Services( B.Com, M.Com)

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These are services rendered by financial institutions, they may be fund based, Fee based services and modern services like Risk Management, Portfolio Management etc.

Financial Instruments — Classification

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These are claims again institutions for payment at a future date with interest /dividend . Financial Instruments can be classified on the basis of their marketability, nature, type, type of market and maturity period.

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