Business and Management

Business & Management : Features and Scope of Business. Elementary knowledge of Trade, Industry and Commerce, Types of Industries, Forms of ownership—Sole trading, Partnership, Company, Cooperatives, Joint Sector, Public Enterprises.
Concept of management, nature and scope of management. Management Functions, Functional areas of Management (elementary knowledge only), Principles of Management, Schools of Management Thought.
Planning : Nature and components of planning. Types of plans, Process of planning, Effective planning, MBO.
Decision-making : Process and Techniques of decision-making.
Organisation :Definition, Principles of organisation, forms of structure, Formaland informal Organisation, Delegation of authority.
Leadership : Functions and Theories of Leadership, Leadership Styles.
Coordination : Principles and Techniques of coordination, Effective coordination.
Motivation : Human needs, Techniques of motivation, Sound motivation system, Theories of motivation (suggested by Maslow, Herzberg, McGregor, Victor Vroom).
Control : Nature and process of control, Techniques of control elementary knowledge only, Effective control system.