Admission discharge procedure

Admission procedure:-
Definition :- Admission is defined as allow a patient to stay in hospital for observation investigation treatment and care.
Purpose:- To establish guideline regarding admission of patient .
To make the patient feel welcome and comfortable.
Principle:- sudden change environment produce fear and anxiety in the patient.
Illness can be developed in the patient stress in physical and mental health.
General instruction:-
To receive the patient and help for adjust in new environment .
To welcome and establish a positive relationship with the patient and relatives.
To provide comfort, care and safety.
To observe and report sign and symptoms of disease.
To care of patient belongings.
Type of admission:-
1. Emergency
2. Routine
Instruction for nurses :-
Nurse should be friendly with the patient.
Do proper observation of patient condition
Orient the patient and relatives to hospital and ward policy.
Deal with patient belonging when patient have any communicable disease
Isolate the patient when communicable disease occure.
A nurse should address the patient by name.
Understand the fear and anxiety of patient and help to overcome from them.
Admission bed
T.P.R. tray
Article for physical examination
Admission sleep
Patient case sheet
Doctor nurse and progress note
Investigation form
Complete record in file
Greet the patient and his relative
introduce the patient with other.
Complete the admission record
Collect history and do physical examination
Cary out the treatment and keep record
Help the patient to maintain personal hygiene and change cloth
Orient the patient to the ward toilet bathroom drinking water supply
Hand over the patient valuable to the relative
Issue visitor pass
Encourage the patient to take hospital diet during therapeutic condition

Discharge procedure:- discharge is a preparation of patient to leave the hospital and return back to the home.
To ensure continue care after discharge.
Assist the patient to complete the hospital formalities before return to home.

Principle:- patient and family understand the diagnosis discharge medication exercise etc.
Special training is provide to patient and family member when patient discharge can do care to himself.
Procedure:- check doctor written order for discharge
Informed patient and relative for discharge.
Document discharge related information
Make sure that all fee of the patient is deposited