Management of Financial Services

Introduction to financial services marketing: Concept of financial services, financial services and GDP, reforms in financial sector, recent issues and challenges in financial services in India. Indian financial system: an overview of Indian financial institutions, types of financial services – fund and fee based. An overview of the different activities performed by a bank. Risk in financial services and changing perception of intermediaries regarding financial services.
Capital markets: government securities market, monetary money market.
Merchant banking: nature and scope, regulation, overview of current Indian merchant banking scene-structure of merchant banking industry, primary market in India and abroad, SEBI guidelines, pricing and timing of public issues, pre-issue management-advertising and marketing, post issue management-rights issues.
Introductory, conceptual, evaluation, marketing and legal aspects of the following financial services: Lease, Hire purchase, consumer finance, factoring, bill financing, credit cards, securitization/mortgages.