Financial and Marketing Management

nature,scope and objective of financial management.basic financial concept statement of changes of financial position.Financial Analysis: Financial statements – Income statement and lance-Sheet. Techniques of financial analysis. Ratio analysis, Liquidity, Activity, Profitability and Leverage Ratios.
Funds flow analysis-Sources and uses of funds. Preparation of statement of changes in working capital and statement of source and uses of funds.Short term and Long term sources of Finance: Equity vs. Debt.Management of cash and marketable securities.Receivables and inventory management Elementary study of capital budgeting including methods of evaluating capital expenditure proposal under certainty.Dividend Policy Case Problems,Inventory Management Techniques,Marketing Management,Marketing Environment,Buyers Behaviour & Marketing Segmentation,Managing the Product,Pricing,Marketing Channels, Logistics & Physical Distribution,Advertising,Marketing Communication,Marketing Research & Control,Marketing Challenges.