Tourism Marketing

Unit 1:
Meaning and Definition of tourism, Purpose of tour, Distinction between tourist and visitor, role of tourism, Travel and tourism in the 21st century, Trends and Future prospects of tourism, Role and functions of RTDC, ITDC and Department of tourism.
Unit 2:
Conceptual Framework and Type of Tourism:
Meaning of travellers, Types of tourism: Domestic, regional, intra-regional and international tourism, cultural, adventure, sports, social, wedding, medical, coastal and beach, pilgrimage, wildlife, Linkages and interdependence between domestic and international tourism.
Unit 3:
Marketing of Tourism:
Meaning and Definition of Tourism Marketing, Need and Importance, Marketing Mix, Marketing Environment, Trends in Marketing, Marketing Communication, Tourist Market Segmentation.
Unit 4:
Seven P’s of Tourism Marketing:
Product, Price, Promotion, Place, People, Process and Physical Evidence
Unit 5:
Tourism in India:
Growth of Tourism in India, Benefits from Tourism, Barriers to Growth, Tourist Activities, Tourism Policy of India, Prospects and Challenges of Tourism Marketing, Comparison of Indian Tourism with International Tourism (Medical, Cultural, Religion, Historical and Natural Perspectives)