Time Planning and Prioritizing

Many people set goals, work out their priorities, then fail with the last critical step; to plan HOW they will use their time. Time is like any other resource; but for some reason the attitude towards the importance of time planning is often considered to be less important than the planning associated with the use of equipment, machines, money and people.
Effectiveness means accomplishing goals and achieving results. Planning is normally accepted as a means of implementing major task and complex projects. It is universally agreed that careful planning normally saves time and other resources. For careful planning we need to consider following strategy
• It is important to recognize the importance of thinking and the contribution it makes to the process of planning
• To decide how we spend our time working on the tasks that help us achieve the result we wish for
Every day we all have to make decisions about the use of our time. It is essential this decision making process is continually linked to the results we want to achieve. Ask almost anyone if they would like to speak another language, travel more or develop a greater sense of well being, happiness or self esteem; they will probably answer “Yes” to some or all of these goals. When you then ask them “so when are you starting the lessons; the plans to travel more or taking some time to enjoy life more- tonight? Tomorrow? Over the weekend? The response probably would be, “No but I will soon”. This could be called long term planning. Obviously many people find it difficult to translate long term goals into actions that start here and now. The major reasons are a well ingrained diary or “Time Planning” habit that bears little relationship to their future goals, either in their personal or professional lives.
Imagine you all have to do is on the horizon. This horizon contains your goals, tasks, ideas and activities. Along the road you need to find the space for all these things in your diary. Imagine your diary as the road leading to your goals and you r present position as your daily plans. You are in control of the detail plan of the day and at the same time you can have a clear view of the time booked during the week and the month ahead. You can even glimpse the year in the far distance.

Author: DR. Peetpal Kaur