Database Management System

Data and Information [Basic Concepts, Problems of Early Information Systems, Advantages of a DBMS] Database Architectures [Three Levels of the Architecture : External, Conceptual and Internal Level], Centralized and Distributed Database Models : Hierarchical [Concepts of a Hierarchy, IMS Hierarchy] Relational [Concepts of Relational Model, Relational Algebra, Relational Calculus] Network [Concepts of a Network, DBTG Network, DBA Schema Declaration] Object Oriented Database [Only Basic Information about OODBMS and ORDBMS] Database Query Languages [Basic Retrieval Capability, Retrieval and Explosion, Update Commands, QBEI, Client/ Server Design] Standard Query Language [Basic SQL Query, Nested Queries Aggregate Operators, Null Values, Embedded SQL, Cursor, Dynamic SQL Query Optimization [Query Evaluation Plans, Pipelined Evaluation, Iterator Interface for Operators and Access Methods, Relational Query Optimizer] Data Management Issues : Backup, Recovery, Maintenance, and Performance. Database Design [Schema Refinement, Functional Dependencies, Normal Forms, Decompositions, Normalization] Tuning [Tuning Indexes, Tuning Queries and Views, Tuning the Conceptual Schema, DBMS Benchmarking]
Security [Access Control, Discretionary and Mandatory Access Control, Encryption] and Implementation. Enterprise Wide Data Application [Information only] Building Client/Server Databases [Information only]