Administrative Institutions in India

Administrative Institutions in a Democratic and Socialist Society. The concepts of Laissez aire; Welfare State and Administrative State.
Organization of Government : Legislature- its role and reasons of decline in modern times; Excecutive : Types and Relationship with Legislature.
Judiciary : Funcitions and Role with special reference to the Power of Judicial Review, Judicial Activism.
Democracy and Administration, Features of democratic administration. Role of Bureaucracy, Polictical Parties and Pressure Groups and their interaction with each other.
Organization and administrative working of Finance Commission, Planning Commission of India and the National Development Council. Election Commission and the administration of elections in India.
Organization and working of following administrative Institutions : (1) University Grants Commission, (2) U.P.S.C., (3) Railway board, (4) Reserve Bank of India.
(5) Cental Social Welfare Board.