Smoking Causes Cancer: Facts

Cancer the word itself is deadly lethal and among Indians and Americans, lung cancer is the killer of population which is increased by 400% from 1960 till date. The sole cause for lung cancer is smoking and non smokers also get lung cancer. So let’s study about some Smoking Facts:
Can non smokers get cancer? The answer is absolutely yes. Every year 3000 deaths in America are due to second hand (passive) smoke.
• The amount of smoke absorbed by non smoking child whose father smokes is equivalent to the child himself smoking 30 cigarettes in a year, 50 cigarettes a year from mother who smokes and 80 cigarettes in a year if both parents smokes.
• Smoking while pregnancy increases chances of miscarriage, premature birth and death of the baby within a year. After birth if smoking continues, growth and development of child is impaired due to major affects on brain along with behavioral problems.
• Deaths caused by smoking are five times higher than the death arising from traffic accidents, poisoning, alcoholic liver disease, murder or any viral (HIV) infection.
• Smoking causes about 30% of all deaths including 84% of lung cancer deaths as sole tobacco contains over 4,000 chemical compounds which are present either as a gas or tiny particles including:
1. Nicotine: addictive which stimulates the CNS with increased heart beat rate and blood pressure. In large quantities, it is poisonous.
2. Tar: brown & treachly in appearance and consist of tiny particles formed when tobacco smoke condenses. Tar is deposited in the lungs and respiratory system with gradual absorbance and is main cause of lung cancer via damaging cell DNA making cells tumorogenic. It is mixture of many different chemicals like formaldehyde, arsenic, benzopyrine, benzene, toluene, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and acrolein.
3. Carbon monoxide: binds to haemoglobin more than oxygen, thus making the blood carry less oxygen round the body.
Facts above discussed are just not for the sake of knowledge but a determined decision for awareness and quitting smoking if you or your nearby smokes. Make a healthy and happy society rather than lung cancer symptomised and painful world. God has given us to sustain life full of resourcefulness, don’t make it harder and incapable in just swallowing a single drop of water.


Author: Dr. Megha Sharma